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Pinnacle supplies V1 software solutions to existing Sage ERP X3Sage 1000Sage Line 500 customers who require seamless integration with document management and imaging software. V1 tightly integrates with Sage enabling the automatic storage, management, retrieval, delivery of all your business documents. 

Return on Investment Calculator

To find out the monetary benefits which your company could gain through the use of V1 software solutions simply contact us for the V1 ROI Calculator.


Are you still issuing all your documents by printing and posting? DbMail and DbFax integrate into your Sage ERP Solution allowing you to automatically email or fax your business documents directly with a couple of mouse clicks.



Are you still storing all your business documents as paper records? DbArchive allows you to automatically store all incoming and outgoing documents in a secure and flexible environment.


Data Capture

Are you still manually keying in data from Purchase Invoices into your Sage ERP Solution?DbCapture allows you to save time on data entry by scanning, analyzing and extracting the relevant pieces of information.


Are you still getting documents approved manually on paper? DbAuthorise streamlines your entire approval processes through email notifications therefore reducing administration costs and errors.


DbForm is a highly effective laserforms solution, with an easy-to-use graphical forms designer and unique data-extraction and manipulation capabilities. As this eliminates traditional pre-printed stationery, DbForm boosts productivity, improves company image, significantly reduces costs and provides a very fast return on investment.


DbBACS-IP is an electronic funds transfer solution which is highly secure, proven and very easy to use. Routine business administration tasks are streamlined and valuable savings of time and money can be made.

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