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KCPOS - Accounts integrated EPOS Solution

KCPOS is a powerful point of sale solution, which has been designed with seamless integration to your Sage 200 accounts package. With an automatic transfer of data in real-time between both your Sage software and KCPOS, your business can stay up to date and ahead of the game.

Automatically transfer product, pricing and customer account data as often as you need to without wasting a second, allowing staff time to focus on the tasks that really matter. This removes human error and allows for a completely efficient process from start to finish. An integrated system will always be aware of stock, enabling you to synchronise product details from a central location across multiple sites all at once. If you’re using KCPOS at events or exhibitions away from your network you can instantly update data centrally upon your return.

KCPOS is enhanced by a number of unique features designed to make the most of every situation in any number of industries including wholesale, retail, hospitality, tourist attractions and trade counters:

  • Stock Management & Forecasting -  Manage every element of stock, with the ability to assign and re-assign stock locations, predict stock levels, perform stock takes and price audits electronically without disrupting the system, as figures are updated and shared via automated integration with the accounts software.
  • e-Commerce Sync - Develop a link between your accounts software, the point of sale, and your chosen e-commerce channels to create a business that trades around the clock, benefiting from synchronised sales and financial data that remains updated throughout the system.
  • Loyalty - Retaining customers with special offers and rewards is just the start, as you build secure, detailed databases that enhance targeted marketing efforts and capture spending patterns, driving further business opportunities.
  • Bookings - Efficiently manage the booking of venues and facilities, optimising their profitability and preventing double booking by storing customer details, utilising customisable diary features and ‘time-locking’ allocations visible to users. The system even allows split payments for groups.
  • Business & System-Wide Reporting - Drill down to the details of every branch, channel, point of sale or staff member using real-time data held in KCPOS. Whether you use built-in reports or customise them yourself it’s easy to analyse business performance and make more informed decisions.

KC Smart Link

KC Smart Link automatically moves important information between multiple systems within your business to give you greater visibility and the ability to make better decisions. Data can be shared between your accounting software and any other database including ecommerce websites or any other business software you may be using. KC Smart Link facilitates the transfer of data between these applications by moving data to and from each of them automatically, as often as you need it to.

True Integration, On-Demand Data

Unlike some software packages which claim to ‘integrate’ your data and your systems, with KC Smart Link there is no manual intervention needed. This means no downloading and uploading of spreadsheets, and no manual re-keying of data. Instead, the relevant data within your systems is mapped to the correct elds on each linked platform, synchronising at the times you specify.

Native Data Syncing

Although KC Smart Link allows integration to any database, we have templated the integration between common accounts and business software including Sage 200 to industry leading ecommerce platform, Magento. With a small amount of scripting, your web developer can simply and quickly link any other eCommerce platform or service, such as Shopify, WooCommerce or a bespoke system.

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