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Sage 1000 Auditing and Security trainingNov 09

Getting the most out of Auditing and Security is a two-hour course designed to teach Sage 1000 system administrators and managers how to create an audited event, record data from the record being affected plus the date, time, user who made the update and the event type (this may be an update, deletion or new event).

Using Auditing, events such as the addition of new master records or the update of critical fields can be created, viewed and reported upon. Details of which user, when and which fields values have been changed can be configured in a range of Sage 1000 modules. Please note not all Sage tables can be audited.

The Security module allows you to define, either by user or by user groups, exactly which records can be updated, enquired upon and/or reported upon. Security will give you an up-to-date picture of data security and full control over it. 

This free two hour online course will focus on practical application and in-depth understanding so that attendees will complete the course with the ability to apply what they have learned to their own business environment.


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